KIRINARI (A Place of Learning)


Kirinari, an Aboriginal word meaning “place of learning” stands on 2˝ acres adjacent to a golf course and just off Highway One.

The hostel provides accommodation for high school students of Aboriginal descent. Provision is made for study areas, cultural resources, art, dressmaking, music and computer facilities.

Kirinari was the first major attempt to provide a real alternative to neglectful environments, lack of educational and employment opportunities.

The all male students attend Gymea Technology High School and Endeavour Sports High School. Every effort is made to to make the transition from the country school to these suburban schools easy for the students. Kirinari students have been good achievers at the school. Some have been elected prefects and others have been prominent in sport and other school activities.

Many are now employed in business and professions such as medicine, law and education.


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