Aboriginal Children’s Advancement Society

ACN 002 677 581 ABN 78 002 677 581 Australian Public Company, Limited by Guarantee


Registered as Aboriginal Children’s Advancement Society Ltd No 32651845

under the Corporations Law of New South Wales 12 July 1984


Name changed 6 July 1999 under the jurisdiction of Australian Securities and Investment Commission


The objects for which the Company was formed are

1. To assist Aboriginal children wherever and whenever the need is apparent,

2. To initiate and support proposals designed to advance the health, housing, education, cultural, moral and social well-being of Aborigines.

3. To provide and maintain hostels, to provide accommodation for students and young Aboriginal workers in necessitous circumstances.

4. To take over the funds and other assets and liabilities of the unincorporated association known as the Aboriginal Children’s Advancement Society.


Aboriginal Children’s Advancement Society was granted public benevolent institution status on 10 January 1964
Reference No DGR 596 and further endorsed 8 July 2005.


Aboriginal Children’s Advancement Society ABR 78 002 677 581 was endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) from 1 July 2000

Objects and DGR endorsement

ACAS has been involved in the education and advancement of

Aboriginal youth since 1963.


This is tried and proved practical reconciliation.