What is a Donor Club?


A group of people interested in making a difference by clubbing together to raise money for a particular philanthropic purpose.


You too can make a difference.

Establish a donor club amongst your friends, service group,

business associates or employment.


Give your club a distinctive name.

How about Kirinari Klubbers, Action for ACAS,

Pete’s Pub Pals, Rally for Reconciliation or Committee for Change. There could be no limit to your imagination in naming the club or in the methods you adopt for raising the money.



The easiest way to raise your target is to collect on a regular basis. A small contribution from each member will result in a gift which will make a positive difference.


Create a target.

Set a target and donation intervals. Choose events such as Christmas, Easter, End of Financial Year or perhaps a date which will commemorate the memory of a person respected by those in the Donor Club.


Make your efforts worthwhile.

It takes a lot of money to maintain even the smallest charity. Think what Aboriginal Children’s Advancement Society could do with a regular income. This is what makes the difference. Think big when setting your target and donor clubs can achieve those big targets easier than you might believe.


Go on, give it a go.

You have nothing to lose.

ACAS has much to gain.




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What is a Donor Club