Ivan Simon is the president of Aboriginal Children’s Advancement Society and a member of Kurranulla Aboriginal Corporation. A previous chairperson of Kurranulla, he brings to both organisations a wealth of experience and knowledge of the situations Aboriginal people have had to face and are still coping with today.

      He gained this experience through his early life in La Perouse and through his work which has taken him all over the country. He has provided support in areas such as Youth, Child Protection, Childcare, Family Support, Accommodation and Aged Care. He has worked with Aboriginal Hostels Limited, the Department of Community Services and the NSW Office of Juvenile Justice. Ivan has worked in Aboriginal Housing for the past 10 years and was the Director of the Division of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander. He was seconded to the NSW Department of Aboriginal Affairs to assist with the management and administration of the Aboriginal Communities Development Program.

      Through his professional and voluntary service Ivan has had a strong influence on the lives of many Aboriginal people.

      Now retired, Ivan intends to give more time to the work and objectives of Aboriginal Children’s Advancement Society


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